Recent Life Changes and EMC

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog, but I plan to update it on a regular basis now. Some major life changes have occurred for me over the time my last post was made. I have left my job at the community bank for which I was a systems administrator for and have joined the “storage guys” over at EMC! Currently, I am in Franklin, MA for EMC Global Services Associate Program (GSAP) training for an Associate Implementation Specialist (AIS) role. Just in the two days alone, I’ve realized just how big EMC, as a company, really is with new trainees flying in from all around the world. Also, the company demonstrates their commitment to the employee with the in-detail Myers Briggs Type Indicator personality training we received on the second day. They truly want you to understand yourself as a person and how to interact with others in your day-to-day interactions with customers and other employees. So far, I’m thoroughly impressed with the company, it’s dedication to their employees, and the passion for technology and storage!

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