Restricting users from receiving internet mail outside of your company

Blocking a user from receiving Internet based mail is much simpler in Exchange 2003 because our good friends at Microsoft included a simple checkbox, so here are the steps you can take:

  1. Open the properties for the user that you want to stop receiving Internet mail in Active Directory Users and Computers.
  2. Select the Exchange General tab, and then click on the Delivery Restrictions button, the Delivery Restrictions dialog box will now appear.
  3. Check the “From authenticated users only” checkbox in the Message Restrictions section.

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Performing a remote logoff, shutdown, or restart

One of the many benefits, besides time and amount of effort involved, of performing a remote log off via GUI rather than through a DOS prompt is that you actually see what it is you are doing. With this available, it is easier to perform a task of this caliber with minimal to no mistakes at all. This is especially beneficial and time preserving if you plan to do this over a WAN.

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The Tasklist Command

Tasklist, a command within Command Prompt, allows one to see the programs running on his/her computer or any remote computer within the same network. Tasklist, for me, comes in handy when I want to view the running programs on another computer within my network without having to actually remote in to the computer and go to task manager.
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