Azure Stack – Updating Microsoft Extensions via PowerShell

I recently came across an extremely useful PowerShell script to manage images and extensions within the Azure Stack marketplace thanks to this post by Kris Turner:

This script will download all current Microsoft virtual machine extensions from the marketplace. It also downloads Ubuntu Server and Windows Server images as well. Once all have been downloaded, it will compare versions and prompt you to remove older versions if desired.

Creating an Automated Server Disk Space Report

Difficulty: Intermediate

This guide will teach you how to take a powershell script, turn it into a scheduled task, and have the output of the script be emailed to you. The script I’m going to be demoing here is a simple disk space check that runs on a list of servers you define. For every server in the list with a drive that has less than 20% of storage left, the drive and amount of disk space left will be shown.

Before we begin working with the script, we must first prepare our server for powershell. Windows 2008 Server may already have powershell preinstalled. If it is, you will be able to find it in START > Accessories > Windows Powershell. If it is not there, then you will have to install it by going into control panel, programs and features, and turn windows features on or off, and enabling Windows Powershell.