Azure Stack – Updating Microsoft Extensions via PowerShell

I recently came across an extremely useful PowerShell script to manage images and extensions within the Azure Stack marketplace thanks to this post by Kris Turner:

This script will download all current Microsoft virtual machine extensions from the marketplace. It also downloads Ubuntu Server and Windows Server images as well. Once all have been downloaded, it will compare versions and prompt you to remove older versions if desired.

Deploying a Secured Service Fabric Cluster in Azure Stack

The goal of this post to help fill in the gaps from the Microsoft Azure Stack User Documentation on deploying a secured service fabric cluster using the Azure Stack Developer Kit (ASDK). The same steps could easily be used on the Azure Stack integrated system.

Azure Stack – Identifying and Deleting False Alerts in 1.1807.0.76

Issue: When updating from 1.1805.7.57 (1805 hotfix) you may encounter an issue with Alerts displayed that are not actually true. The alerts, upon further investigation, appear to be false, but they cannot be closed from the portal.
Version Impacted: 1.1807.0.76 (only seems to be present when upgrading from 1.1805.7.57)
Microsoft Response: Being unable to clear the alerts after updating to 1807 is currently a known issue and fixes are under investigation. There is no resolution at this time.

The two alerts I received specifically were the following:

  • Azure Stack update stopped with errors – Critical – Capacity
  • Activation Required – Warning – Azure Bridge